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International Affairs

The work of state government officials often stretches beyond state lines and, for many states, beyond international borders.  CSG's international program has a number of initiatives to increase cooperation between U.S. states, Canadian provinces, Mexico, and nations overseas. International exchange missions and innovative cross-border initiatives such as the U.S.-Mexico State Alliance, Border Legislative Conference, and the Eastern Trade Council bring international neighbours and elected officials together to find solutions to shared challenges. 

CSG Resolutions on Trade and Export Promotion


International Exchange Missions

International travel and legislative exchanges expose state decision-makers to valuable best practices and provide opportunities to explore how global trends affect policy-making in the United States. Each year, the CSG-DC office coordinates a delegation of state leaders to travel abroad to explore a variety of policy topics such as energy, economic development, environment, research & development, healthcare, education, justice, transportation, and culture.  Past destinations have included Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Germany, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, China, Thailand, Mexico, South Africa, Poland, Belgium, and France. 

Eastern Trade Council

The Eastern Trade Council (ETC) seeks to strengthen state and regional economic competitiveness in the global marketplace by sharing trade development information, jointly promoting regional products, and collectively advocating for federal trade promotion programs and policies which will benefit the region. The ETC is supported by annual appropriations from its 11 member jurisdictions:

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