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As of October 13, 2009: 

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Notes: All Rankings are from Highest to Lowest.  For example, a ranking of 15 for “Funds Announced” means that the state had the 15th highest amount of funds announced. A ranking of 15 for the unemployment rate means that this state has the 15th highest unemployment rate.       

Terms defined by http://www.recovery.gov/

Recipient Reported Data: These data are based on data submitted by federal contract recipients to www.federalreporting.gov between Oct. 1 and Oct. 10, 2009.  On Oct. 30, 2009, the final recipient federal contract data and the final data on grants and loans will be available. It is collected and updated quarterly.

Agency Reported Data: These data are based on weekly Financial and Activity Reports filed by federal agencies receiving Recovery Act Funds.

Funds Announced: Funds that have been publicly announced as available to entities outside of the federal government.  Not all available funds are announced publicly. For example, the funds going to a project started prior to the Recovery Act that are commingled with the project’s Recovery funds will not be announced publicly before being made available to a recipient.  The Funds Announced figure should not be viewed as the total funding that an agency has made available.

Funds Available (Obligation): The term used to describe when an agency informs the public of the release of money to recipients either immediately or in the future.  

Funds Awarded: This is the amount of contract dollars that will be made available to recipients. 

Funds Paid Out: Funds that have been released from a federal agency to a recipient. 

Funds Received:The amount of money each recipient received from a federal award.

Previous Updates:


Executive Branch

May 5, 2009
Gov. Beshear released revenue projects that indicate Kentucky will face as much as $1 billion in shortfalls in the next budget cycle. Beshear has asked an outside firm, Consensus Forecasting Group, to produce a formal report on these projections.  These dismal numbers were tempered somewhat by quarterly reports forecasting that Kentucky will finish FY09 approximately $10 million ahead of the official revenue estimate for that period. Beshear’s administration has achieved this progress with wide cuts in the government workforce and through the enactment of increased tobacco and alcohol taxes.


In April, Gov. Beshear began announcing specific housing grant awards for Kentucky communities.  Lexington and Covington are among the communities receiving neighborhood stabilization funds.  Covington will receive $5 million and Lexington approximately $2.5 million.  The funds are intended to combat the increasing numbers of foreclosed and abandoned homes resulting from the nation’s current fiscal crisis.  The money is part of HUD’s Community Development Block Grant Program funded by the Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008.


Gov. Beshear has been traveling the commonwealth in recent weeks handing out stimulus money to fund a variety of transit improvement projects.  Kentucky will receive approximately $50 million in transit funds designed to improve public transportation systems. 

Gov. Beshear has unveiled the state's "Kentucky at Work" initiative as his plan for spending the federal stimulus funds. The plan will have two main purposes: "to maintain jobs and quality of life through investments in education, health care and public safety; and to make strategic investments now to position Kentucky for the future," according to the governor's press release. The governor's office has released a fact sheet that outlines what the estimated $3 billion will be spent on over the next 28 months. Beshear has appointed an interagency task force led by the Executive Cabinet secretary to help guide the planning of the Kentucky at Work initiative. The governor has also indicated that the state will be setting up a Web site similiar to the federal site, however nothing has been created yet.

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Legislative Branch

Details of Kentucky’s road plan are emerging with significant impacts from the stimulus package evident. The revised plan, estimated to be work $1.2 to $1.4 billion. The overall effort also seeks to freeze the state’s gas tax at 21.1 cents per gallon.  “If we don’t keep the gas tax at the current level that it is now then there’s no reason to have a road plan because there won’t be any roads,” said Rep. Bob Damron, House Democratic caucus chairman.


The stimulus plan provides $421 million to Kentucky for transportation, of which $367 million can be used for road construction. Half must be spent on building projects within 120 days of the money’s release, while the rest must go toward projects that are ready to go within the year.


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